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 Advanced Cube of Fate Guide (RMs 51-60)

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Advanced Cube of Fate Guide (RMs 51-60) Empty
PostSubject: Advanced Cube of Fate Guide (RMs 51-60)   Advanced Cube of Fate Guide (RMs 51-60) Icon_minitimeTue Feb 02, 2010 12:51 pm

* Advanced Cube is not difficult, but not worth it till level 96+

* You MUST be prepared to spend 1-2million every time you do these rooms, as they each cost money to do.

*** IF you take the Reward Pack in Room 50, you can get the Lottery Coin upon reaching room 60. IF you take the Mysterious Cog option, you will receive the Cog in Room 60 upon completion. Just remember, IF you take the second option, you DO NOT get EXP from having done the Cube. Your reward is the Cog. Therefore if you fail to get to Room 60, you get nothing but the Credit Book Pages you have picked up along the way.

So....Here you are!!

After finishing cube (room 50) you get a lottery ticket and get teleported into another room where u can choose to continue doing cube rooms 51-60. You dont get dice anymore, but cards:

Turtle card
teleports you one room forward,
Rabbit card teleports you two rooms forward.

Each room will charge you an amount of money as you take the quest.

Many rooms give you book credit cards which you can either trade for old book pages (for lvl92 skills) or fate pages (lvl99 skills). You only get book cards at lvl96+ !!!

As reward for finishing advanced cube you get lottery coins which can be traded for cube necklace (see furnace in room 1).

Room 51: pay 150k, 1 book card

This game is split in 2 parts:

- Kill 6 mobs: They have a life drain attack that gives them a lot of HP back, so try to stun/knockback/seal/whatever to keep them from attacking...You have 6 minutes to complete this and then will be ported to next room.

- Chess: Its actually like Sudoku: you need to activate all pillars in certain colours, so that there is always only 1 ball of one colour in each row. (My favorite room)

TIP ---> Find the one row that only needs 1 color to be filled in, then start the quest. This is timed but VERY doable in 5minutes.

Room 52: pay 150k, 4 book cards or 1 lottery coin

This game consists of 5 rooms, with one mob in each room. You basically get 1 book card and 5k exp for every Boss you kill.

You MUST kill each Boss within 12minutes.

If you want to do this:

Kill mob 1-4. = 4 book cards

In the room of the 5th mob (Ultimate Devil Lord) talk to the NPC and choose the 2nd option (something like "I would rather stop" or so). Then you get 4 cards, get teleported and get your next turtle/rabbit.

1st: melee mob. (hits about 1.3k on a lvl98 robe)
2nd-4th: water magic mob. (hits about 1k on a lvl98 robe)
5th: some life drain mob...Better suited for Veno's (see below)

Most only do mob 1-4 to get the cards since the last mob is said to be too hard.

If you are a Veno = Room should be much easier. The last Boss you fight will hit for about the same as Blackhole, if you cannot tank Blackhole = you may not be able to tank this Ultimate Devil Lord.

Room 53: pay 150k, 2 book cards

Soccer game. You are supposed to bring the glowing football into the goal, then dig a chest.

Problem: mobs aggro on you and hit you (like 1.3k on Lvl98 Arcane).

How to do as a Mage:

Mages see that no mobs are around the football and the ball is close to the goal. Try not to have anything selected (like an npc or mob), then go close to the football. It will aggro on you and attack you with some useless attack, but you get it selected automatically (you cannot click on it). Seal it so it runs into the goal, dig chest, complete room.

If one of the mobs aggro on you, use a knockback attack if you can and push it into the goal, it will die there. If you do not have this skill, have some pots or Genie skill(s) ready to aid in the attack if all 3 mobs aggro you.

I have heard that you can stun the mob and if you do so it 'resets' and does not come after you. An EA or WF could let us know...also a WF could simply put their pet on any mob that agros them. (Not sure on this....I personnally have been able to Sleep and Paralyze the mobs)

When complete = 2 book cards

Room 54: pay 100k, reward: none

A Lottery Room.

You basically pay 100k and if you are lucky you get a reward.

If you get all 3 the same color you win a lottery coin.

If you get one of each color you win 300k. Everything else just takes your money!

Once you are done you get a turtle or rabbit card. No book credit cards from this room.

Room 55: pay 150k+, reward: none

You pay 150k to buy a ticket. You then have a chance to win. Here's how it works.

Basically, there are random rewards. Usually Coins.

Once you turn in your ticket you get a turtle or rabbit card. No book credit cards from this room.

Room 56: pay 150k, reward: 2 book cards

This game is called "Find the Brother" and consists of 4 rooms.

In each room there are portals that bring u to another, or back to the same, room.

You need to find your quest npc in any of these rooms and then report back to the first one.

Here a little guide (ninja'ed from another guide) on how to use the portals, with coordinates if you get lost: (these same cords are on utube).

Ported in Random room with 12 holes - Check the Cords right when you are ported in, not at NPC.

Room for get mission and pass mission: 448,659-----Room A

Other Rooms:

448,639-----Room B
1st row 1st hole to C
1st row 3rd hole to D
2nd row 1st hole to E
2nd row 3rd hole to A

438,659-----Room C
1st row 1st hole to E
1st row 2nd hole to D

438,649-----Room D
1st row 1st hole to C
1st row 3rd hole to E

438,639-----Room E
1st row 1st hole to C
1st row 2nd hole to D
2nd row 2nd hole to B

*** You must get back to Room A. Therefore you must navigate yourself through the other rooms (using the cords) to port yourself back. It really is easier then it looks and sounds.

Once you complete this room and turn in the quest you get 2 book credit cards and either a turtle or rabbit card.

Room 57: pay 150k, reward: 2 book credit cards

Basically you run around the outside of this room looking for the NPC that has the quest. You pay 150k to start the quest and then must talk to the various NPCs 3 more times.

To complete this room simply run around the outside of the room and check each NPC to see if it has the quest. If it does turn it in and find the next one (it can be on the same NPC if you are lucky).

What do the balls do? Yellow = stun, Green = Slow, Red = ~2-2.5k dmg

This room is very easy.

Room 58: pay 150k, reward: 2 book credit cards

PK Enabled

When you first portal into the room you should get a lottery invitation. You need to use this to pick up the quest. You have 2 choices here. If you have 10 do-all cards you can instantly pass. If you do not then you will take the first quest and get a 'cube tag'. This tag will always drop upon death and you need 2 to pass.

Recommendation: if you are doing cube is to do advanced cube everyday and only take the 'cog' quest if you have a cube tag (or 10 do-all cards) you can take with you. If you get this room and you are not on the quest (hence have no cube tag), then take the quest and get the tag. Portal back to room one and give it to an alt. You are done for today.

If you have the tag with you take the quest and complete it to continue moving forward.

Room 59: pay 200k or 600k, reward: nothing or 3 book credit cards.

Okay so this one is a choice. If you have lots of money this room is your best friend. Here's how it works.

Pay 200k and you get sent back to any room 51 - 58 and have to work your way forward again. This will let you farm more Book Credit Cards.

Pay 600k and you get sent to room 60 and get 3 book credit cards for your trouble.

Room 60: pay nothing, reward: lottery coin

Make sure you take the 'cog' quest before you take the completion quest otherwise you might get ported back before you have a chance to take the 'cog' quest. Also, upon taking the cog quest you will automatically get another quest that is a 30 minute countdown before you can turn in another cog. (not sure why they do this someone must've figured something out).

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Advanced Cube of Fate Guide (RMs 51-60)
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